Unsure on goods code

Hi I am trying to import witch hats for a Halloween event from china to the uk made from polyester packaged flat in boxes. I have looked through the codes but cant seem to find what im looking for? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi. Classification is a detailed skill that can look simple and intuitive to the newcomer. Its when it gets into the ambiguous areas that a customs consultant earns her corn. Is this a hat or a toy? Or indeed a religious accoutrement?

Professionals in this field have spent thousands of pounds on research tools and years monitoring the judgements of the UK courts, the ECJ and the jurisprudence of overseas players such as the US. I’m afraid the good ones are not going to crash their businesses by handing out free advice here.

If you cant pay for advice you could do some research on you own in the biggest market for witches hats. Google “CROSS database USHTS”, search the database and see what you get.

Good luck