Vehicle GPS Trackers

Hi, I have been asked to provide a service collecting GPS tracking units, (these have been used to protect cargo and vehicles coming into the UK from the EU) amd returning them, in bulk, by road/fery, back to the NL. Would anyone know if I would need to actually export these as they havnt actually been imported?

Any advice would be most helpful, in particularily as we approach Brexit.


Hello Richard, these tend to fall into the ‘radio navigational aid apparatus’ heading of 8526 91 80 90 If you are concerned apply for a Binding tariff to cover yourself with HMRC.

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Hi Richard, as we are still in the EU shipments to/from the EU are classed as despatch & arrival, you are correct that they have not been imported and sending back will not be an export so no export documentation is needed. Once we leave the EU then import/export rules will apply.

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Thank you.l, that’s very helpful.

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