What is the point of this forum?

There are so many questions but not many get answered who is looking on this site, why isn’t anyone helping???

Hello @cosy many users post item classification queries on the forum. Obviously a forum is not always the quickest way to get an answer but I have seen a lot of advice or pointers being given. Due to how the forum works - it it has been particularly busy then questions can be pushed down and missed. I’ll always try and provide some information if I have the free time. :+1:

I appreciate your help, but surely as this forum sits on gov.uk platform someone from HMRC should be addressing/answering these questions which would in turn lead to less calls and emails to the classification team!

Usually, a forum is a place where the community can ask questions, and other community members try to answer… maybe it is a question of expectations, and you should consult https://forum.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/faq to adjust yours…

@cosy Matt from Bit Zesty here - we run the UK Trade Tariff on behalf of HMRC.
This forum is for the community primarily and we use it to announce changes to the UK Trade Tariff.

It does have a large notice when you sign up that this is NOT the primary source to answer classification questions, however, you may be able to get help from other traders, it is not managed by HMRC, nor is it the official channel to request classification help (which is their email and phone line).

I hope that clarifies the use of the forum.


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